COVID-19 Information

Attending In-Person Services and Activities

We invite you to attend our Sunday Worship Service or other activities as long as you have no reason to believe you are infected with the coronavirus. People are reminded to stay home if they are feeling unwell, even if their symptoms are mild. Despite meeting all of the qualifications to attend, people should only attend if they are comfortable with doing so as we are unable to guarantee no one who is infected will be in attendance.

We also broadcast an audio feed of our Sunday Worship Service to our parking lot via 106.7 FM.

COVID-19 Protocol

People are to maintain physical distancing of two metres between themselves and people from different households except for brief exchanges.

Masks are required at all times indoors..

Young children must be supervised by an adult at all times. You may use our nursery; however, if you wish to have toys for your child to play with, you must bring your own.

Upon entering, and before leaving, please sanitize your hands at the station just inside the door or wash your hands in the bathroom.

A maximum of 2 persons is permitted in the bathrooms at the same time.

If you wish a beverage, you must bring it with you.

Chairs will be arranged for Sunday services in singles, pairs, and larger numbers to accommodate different sizes of households.

Questions or More Information

Feel free to contact Pastor Cliff by email  or telephone (204) 345-6535.