Sunday Services

Resumption of Sunday Services

In light of the recent increase in the permitted indoor meeting size, Pinawa Alliance Church has resumed in-person Sunday Worship Services at 10:00 AM with a maximum of 50 people. To attend, please reserve your seat in advance so we can prepare seating and you are assured of space. Those who don’t make reservations may attend subject to a maximum of 50 people.

We invite you to attend as long as you have not traveled recently, to or from, any restricted region and you have no reason to believe you are infected with the coronavirus. Despite meeting all of the qualifications to attend, people should only attend if they are comfortable with doing so as we are unable to guarantee no one who is infected will be in attendance.

We will also broadcast an audio feed of our Sunday Worship Service to our parking lot via 106.7 FM. Feel free to join in our Drive-In Service.

Sunday Worship Service Information

Manitoba Phase 3 Guidelines restrict us to a maximum of 50 people in our building.

Physical distancing of 6’ is required between people from different households except for brief exchanges.

The congregation will not participate in singing.

Young children must be supervised by an adult at all times.

Since we do not have people entering and leaving at the same time, the same entrance and exit should be satisfactory; however, if anyone is uncomfortable with that, they can exit through the door in the CE Room.

Upon entering, and before leaving, please sanitize your hands at the station just inside the door or wash your hands in the bathroom.

A maximum of 2 persons is permitted in the bathrooms at the same time.

No beverages of any kind will be provided, hence if you wish a beverage, you must bring it with you.

Access is restricted to the foyer, sanctuary, bathrooms, nursery, and CE Room to get to the exit door. The kitchen and copy room are off limits.

Seat Reservations

In light of the maximum permitted attendance of 50, and in order to efficiently arrange our seating, please reserve your seat in advance. Chairs will be arranged in singles, pairs, and larger numbers to accommodate the size of reserved households.  Do not rearrange chairs!

Once you have received a confirmation email of your reservation, please be sure to attend since someone else would have taken the spot.

You may reserve your seat for the upcoming Sunday Service beginning at 5:00 pm on the preceding Monday by clicking, Reserve My Seat

The page which will open will list the upcoming Sunday Service and the number of remaining spaces. Click on the Sunday Service and fill in the form that appears with your name and the number who will be attending from your household. You will receive a confirmation email.

Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the 10:00 AM service to provide time for check-in and seating.

If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Cliff by email  or telephone (204) 345-6535.