Sunday Services

Resumption of Sunday Services

We have resumed in-person Sunday Worship Services at 10:00 AM.

We invite you to attend as long as you have not recently traveled to, or from, any restricted region and you have no reason to believe you are infected with the coronavirus. Despite meeting all of the qualifications to attend, people should only attend if they are comfortable with doing so as we are unable to guarantee no one who is infected will be in attendance.

We also broadcast an audio feed of our Sunday Worship Service to our parking lot via 106.7 FM. Feel free to join in our Drive-In Service.

Sunday Worship Service Information

Physical distancing of 6’ is required between people from different households except for brief exchanges.

Young children must be supervised by an adult at all times. You may use our nursery; however, if you wish to have toys for your child to play with, you must bring your own.

Upon entering, and before leaving, please sanitize your hands at the station just inside the door or wash your hands in the bathroom.

A maximum of 2 persons is permitted in the bathrooms at the same time.

No beverages of any kind will be provided, hence if you wish a beverage, you must bring it with you.

Chairs will be arranged in singles, pairs, and larger numbers to accommodate different sizes of households.

Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the 10:00 AM service to provide time for check-in and seating.

What To Expect

Dress: We are a diverse group of people of all ages and stages of life and come from different backgrounds and that is reflected in people’s clothing. Most people dress casually.

Church Service: Our Sunday Worship Services typically consist of congregational singing, a Scripture reading, pastoral prayer, and a Bible based message from our pastor. Many people bring their Bible or use a Bible App on their electronic device to follow along with the message. A message outline is often available for those who wish to take notes.  Rather than passing an offering plate, those who wish to contribute to Pinawa Alliance Church may place their offering in the offering basket at the sanctuary entrance.

Children: We have an unsupervised nursery available for parents with young children next to the sanctuary where we worship. If you wish to have toys for your child to play with, you must bring your own.

Questions or More Information

Feel free to contact Pastor Cliff by email  or telephone (204) 345-6535.