Brief History of Pinawa Alliance Church

In the late 1960s a number of families living in Pinawa who had been attending Whiteshell Baptist Church in Seven Sisters Falls began to consider forming a Church in Pinawa. A nucleus began to take shape and a Church began as an outreach ministry of the North American Baptist General Conference on May 8, 1970. The Church initially met in the W. B. Lewis School. The formal beginning of the Church as an officially constituted body was December 10, 1971 and on January 27, 1973 it was officially recognized as member Church of the North American Baptist General Conference. Due to the rapid growth of the Church, it quickly needed to move to larger facilities.

In 1978 the Church withdrew from the North American Baptist Conference and became an independent Church for a number of years. Sensing the benefit of denominational affiliation, the Church became a member Church of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada on September 20, 1992, a relationship which continues. After meeting  in many different locations over the years a building was built and dedicated in February 1995.

The shut down of the AECL research reactor in 1985 affected PAC a great deal, as was the case for all of Pinawa and the surrounding community. However, PAC, like others, has adapted; we have a multigenerational congregation made up of people with a variety of jobs and employment backgrounds. Similarly, as one might expect, our congregation also reflects quite a diversity of religious backgrounds. 

We continue to be an evangelical Church which means we believe the Bible is God’s word to us and is therefore relevant in what we believe and how we live. Central is God’s plan of redemption through His Son Jesus Christ who came so people can be forgiven and experience newness of life. We, therefore present a message of hope in a world with considerable adversity, hardship and uncertainty. We welcome not only those who have been Christians for many years, but also those who have little or no background with Christianity, or come from a completely different faith background all together.  We welcome your questions and would be delighted to interact with you about Christianity’s relevance to you.