What to Expect

Dress: We are a diverse group of people of all ages and stages of life. We come from different backgrounds. All of this is reflected in our personalities and our clothes. Wear what you feel comfortable in!

Church Service: Our Sunday Worship Services typically consist of congregational singing, a Scripture reading, pastoral prayer, and a Bible based message. Many people bring their Bible or use a Bible App on their electronic device to follow along with the message. A message outline is often available for those who want to take notes.  Rather than passing an offering plate, those who wish to contribute to Pinawa Alliance Church may place their offering in the offering basket at the sanctuary entrance.

For more information on our Sunday Service, click on Sunday Service Information

Children: We have an unsupervised nursery available for parents with young children next to the sanctuary where we worship. If you wish to have toys for your child to play with, you must bring your own.